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We Rise By Lifting Others

Almond Siah

Melipoly Bhd

Executive Director


Life is like the gastronomic meals, lack of some ingredient would never achieve the best flavour of it. The Malacca-born and bred, Almond Siah was from a humble beginning. He recognised the correlation between family background and educational and identified the missing ingredient in the millennials that play an impact on the economic success. 


From a small village to the city boy, his school life was nothing about “High School Musical”, instead, he encountered many bullies. These have not discouraged him to move forward but to envision him to strike for the world and close the gap between the two by educating the equilibrium life strategy. Since then, he started to gain interest in meta programs and eventually he became the NLP qualified trainer.


He began as an interior materials supplier.  His daily routine required him to train the challenging teenagers; he feels almost bereaved. During his career, he witnessed most of his colleagues were attracted and addicted to “GET RICH QUICK” scheme.  He was never fascinated by their achievements as he firmly believes the richness was the “Hollow” and not the “Value.”


For someone who prefers a low profile, Almond has a knack to impact the millennials. High schools and Association have witnessed his teaching, they were impacted and inspired mostly. His compassion towards the depressed teenagers resulted in his manifestation to guide, support and foster their growth and hope within themselves.


Over the past decade, Almond's time spent with thousands of teenagers has had a significant impact on the parenting pathway. He witnessed how family background shaped a student's achievement. Almond’s mentoring has inspired them to become an educated humanitarian.


In 2016, Almond initiated a Youth C-Suites Mentoring & Training program in Malaysia.  The program attracted 140 participants and 80 mentors. Ongoing mentoring and field training was conducted for a duration of six months. Almond's humility values have magnetised the like-minded buddies to form a Youth Mentoring Club, Jaydi C-Suites. Jaydi program is an on-going training camp with industrial training and mentoring program in Malaysia & Australia. More countries are in the discussion stage to adopt Jaydi mentoring value for the high school, universities & startup entrepreneurs.


Almond also co-founded Melipoly Holdings Bhd, the forefront  Apiculture in Malaysia. He enlists a hands-on approach to build the business and are often directly involved in setting company strategy, recruiting key executives and raising additional capital. His forte and passion are in agriculture farms and to build an agro-tourism sector to rival the best in the world. He identified a similar culture in between the human and the bees which brings out the value of “Unity” and “ Humanity".


Embracing impossible to create possible results by making the right choices with passion and believes...

 Troy Chan

Eco Biomix,  H2 Tree

Founder & CEO   

Not everyone born into the fairy tale story, Troy did not grow in the lap of luxury. Living the life of poverty had taught him to value humbleness, gratefulness and appreciativeness. Tough life had shaped him to work smartly and independently.


Being a talented child, Troy finished his high school and continued to pursue his studies in the UK. However, life was harsh to him, In 1997, UK encountered the Black Wednesday Financial Crisis. They say when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. Troy was always carrying the positive attitude, and working part time to overcome the financial challenges; he managed to complete his MSc in Engineering and Manufacturing Management at Coventry University.


Troy started as a Production Engineer for Henkel and later became a Plant Manager in recycling/composting company where he developed his strengths and skills for both soft and hard landscape business for 15 years. 

Today, Troy's forte is in designing and building M&E systems for all sorts of ponds, swimming pools, fountains, water features, irrigation, mist and even constructing artificial lakes. With his continued learning and accumulated knowledge, he has mastered his skills on waterproofing, finishing, the structural works as well as green wall and plantings.


Troy was the Director for H2 Tree in the agriculture sector, and in landscape engineering for Efish and ESE Engineering since 2015 and 2002 respectively.


Through his professional engineering journey, he saw systematic environmental destruction in various construction and planting activities.  These has burdened mother Earth and contributed to climate changes. In 2016, Troy's passion towards conserving the mother Earth has encouraged him to co-found Eco Biomix Holdings Bhd, and he has been appointed as the Chairman.  The company offers sustainable agriculture and green development.


Troy's humble beginning has shaped his humility value. He expresses his virtues as "Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom." Troy was the pioneer involved in the MOC C-Suites mentoring training program in 2016. Through the program, he initiated to be the leader and subsequently co-founded Jaydi C-Suites Youth Club with his mentoring buddies, Deb-B Seven Chew and Almond Siah. Troy's experience has allowed him to identify strength in people and developed their highest potential. 


Troy loves travelling, swimming, reading and watching movies. At work, he is passionate about handling challenging projects with his creativity solution. He is also known for his no-nonsense risk management and precision job perfection. 



Evolution of a New Luxury, Deb-B alludes to her memories of childhood. Her parents were both living in the middle class, traditional yet refined HUMBLE LUXURY background; these have nothing to do with the wealth,  the branded stuff, the exclusivity or splendour. "We make our living by giving, luxury in the form of intimate GIVING experience," her dad said. She adopted the mindset, Give before we Make.  Deb-B has been inspired by her parents teaching and leads her to set her limitless goal. She believes through higher education could reshape the LUXURY mindset of many. She worked her way up thru rank and file and financed all her studies. Deb-B obtained her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Golden State University, USA, after getting her Advanced Diploma in Business Administration from ABE London. She also holds a Diploma in Share Trading & Investment from the Wealth Within Institute, Melbourne, Australia.  Deb-B is a Licensed Financial Advisor under CMFAS, Singapore and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). She is also the alumni of Oxford University, Said Business School.
She started her career at KFC which has set her the solid foundation and seeded her value mindset when dealing with many. She began her event management company in her twenties and succeeded some global events and created the GEMS in the entertainment arena.

Being the co-founder of ArcheStem; a company that is involved in Bio-Science, Stem Cells & T-Cells, she has seen first-hand how challenging it can be working with the introverts and the extroverts in the R&D and Disruptive Innovation Industries. She is continuously learning new skills in the new dimension. 

Deb-B is immensely passionate about supporting people and their businesses through the development of their personal and professional journey.  She always has the robust visualising strategy at the Corporate level and involved in business pitching and global business matching. She is also an active Corp Advisor and mentors in companies that she has invested in it.

At the community & humanity level, Deb-B is activity involve mentoring and coaching. She is also selected to become one of the mentors for AIM-Australia Institute of Management  (https://www.aim.com.au/) and Futurelab (https://futurelab.my/). She was involved in the  C-suites Youth Mentoring and Training Program in Malaysia in 2016, subsequently co-founded Jaydi C-suites.  Jaydi has an ongoing mentoring program in Malaysia, Australia & UK for High School Students, Uni Students, Millennial Professional, and Employees.

As the dynamic thinker & mentor,  she is a gifted rhetorically, which gave her advantage insights on structuring business.  Her bubbly character is a tonic that can enthuse alienated with stakeholders & investors. She is also a member of International Coach Federation( ICF) which she went ahead and got certified as a Coach.

She was active in the Christian Against Poverty (CAP) program, assisting people in managing and minimising debts. Besides, Deb-B also involved herself in the church building fund and unique project program.  

Deb-B enjoys bonding and spending quality time with her two teenage daughters. Both of her daughters are the pioneers in the Jaydi Youth Program.

Deb-B  valued the saying, 



Raffles Wong


Founder & CEO


When I was small, the Christmas trees are tall… Raffles recalled his daily routine of picking up the leaves under the big trees and tidying up the garden. He was highly sensitive and tactile with nature and surrounding environment. With his innate character and aesthetic vision, his interest was to align the space and change the environment. These have laid a natural choice for him to grow up to be an interior designer and eventually has developed into the professional field. Raffles is passionate towards his work; he believes design should be simple, bold and straightforward with a touch of fantasy and merging his experimental dimension with a professional know-how.  He incorporates the concept of a fresh approach which sticking to technology and methodology, perception and spaces.


Raffles had accumulated marvelous projects and experience throughout his 25 years of journey. He was also a lecturer at the design academy. Currently, Raffles is the founder and CEO for RLSSB & XQ, the renowned interior designer company with a touch of the New Luxury Value.  In addition to his existing business model, he also co-founded a company with his value chain synergy partner on integrating the resources and the capital.  These are also preparing him to merge and grow his business with the multiplier effect. 


He is a highly ambitious and aspiring designer with hopes of improving urban issues through design.  He has an excellent commercial approach to solve problems and a proven ability to generate fresh solutions for the renovation of internal spaces, that includes structural alterations. 


Fuelled by a passion for his innovative designs, he provides enthusiasm through his unique ability to deliver result based on clients driven solutions. Some of his profession projects include:-

  • a 300-room hotel working independently

  • a private house and the office of the ministerial office

  • the listed company corp office and the owner private villas

  • high-end restaurants, retail outlets, the developer's sales & showroom and many others. 


At present, he is also responsible for the interior structural  &  design and renovation on the biggest social office in Malaysia, CO3. In additional, an on-going of few developers’ exhibition hall and other details concept design.


Raffles was invited to become one of the mentors for Jaydi C-suites Youth Club. His gentle, dedicated and passion led him to be the role model of the Entrepreneur and inspired many.  During Jaydi program, his company was  illustrated as the case study for the employee's benefit program. Raffles believed the saying " Wealth is created by creating value for others."

Mike Chew

Mike Chew


Popcorn Media Sdn Bhd



If you think playing video games is a waste of time and harmful to the child, you better think twice. Today, the business world has witnessed the divergence of the IT and has impacted the global financial economy. Who are the people behind? The games lovers, and, Mike Chew, is one of them who loves the computer and video games during his childhood, since then, the potential unveil. 


His passion towards the video games encouraged him delves into further of the computer and IT knowledge during his teen. He wrote his 1st program in his 19 years of age while he was working as the casual for data entry in an education software company. Through his curiosity and the inspiration from the Global Technopreurship, his continued efforts and determination has brought him to analysis further.  When he was 23 years of age, his passion for IT knowledge encourages him to participate in the entrepreneurship.


He started his 1st IT firms, CNTSB.com with few of his colleagues, small and challenging and didn't last too long. Subsequently, the past obstacles became the opportunity to venture into another IT firm, MCOMMSG.com.  He has a dignified exit after 12 years. The 12 years of the journey has made him highly skillful and successful in his field. He has a choice to retire young and comfortable; instead, he opted to be humble, and continued his humility of leadership; he is secure enough to recognize people strength and to seek the input and talents of others. By being receptive to outside ideas and assistance, Mike opens up new avenues for the organization and their employees. 


In 2016, Mike’ talents awarded him to form another company, Popcorn Media (PCM) with his IT buddy, Alex Goh. In less than a year, both Mike & Alex brought more than 1 million users database for their clients and hits the sales revenue of RM3,000,000 for the financial year of 2016.


Both of the founders shared the same value of shaping PCM to be one of the largest online marketing platforms in South East Asia.


Though the leadership of Mike, PCM is working towards to double its revenue in 2017 and target it's IPO corporate exercise by 2019.


Alex Goh

 Alex Goh

Co-Founder  & Executive Director 

Popcorn Media Sdn Bhd


Deep in Alex’ heart, his childhood was the unseen battle over the most valuable trees. He grown up in the low-income family, Alex childhood was always challenging.  His parents were struggled to provide the daily bread despite the inconsistency income as the rubber tapper.  As a young kid, Alex has been inspired by his father saying, and he has only one thing in his mind - “Proper Education Can Change Our Life, No More Rubber Tapper For The Next Generation ”  Alex determination has shaped him to be the academic achiever and since then has been very encouraging.


In 1993, his academic excellence had won him an offer from National University of Malaysia to pursue his degree in Computer Science. With his gifted talent, he was offered a full scholarship from Kuok Foundation in his 2nd year of Uni.


Alex started his career as a system engineer in Telekom Malaysia Publication (YellowPages Malaysia).  In 1998, he was the Internet Engineer Specialist with Maxis Communications Bhd, through his profession, he was selected to be the 1st batch of engineers to be trained as the qualify Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) & Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE+i).


In 2001, he was headhunted as the Deputy CTO by the Hong Kong company, Karl Thomson Securities Co, Ltd (a subsidiary of Karl Thomson Holding Ltd). Alex headed HKEX Internet Stock Trading platform and many others.


Subsequently, Alex returns to Malaysia to start his entrepreneur journey. One of his few ventures includes the IT Solutions &  Mobile Premium Content Provider.  In 2005, he founded Sixth Media Sdn Bhd which specialized in digital media advertising. He was the pioneer to implement the media advertising at the Lift lobbies which targeting professionals and captured their engagement. The business has caught some attention by the market players; Focus Media Sdn Bhd is one of them that managed to negotiate and acquired Sixth Media after two years. Currently, the company is known as Redberry Ambient, a subsidiary of RedBerry Group owned by Ancom Berhad. 


His passion for technology has not stopped there after the acquisition; he continued to work on new business venture focusing on mobile advertising and mobile content publishing. Currently, Alex has founded  Popcorn Media Sdn Bhd (PCM) and appointed as the Executive Director. PCM is providing affiliate services in cooperations with mobile operators in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya. 


Alex has the vision to grow Popcorn Media becoming a great regional company that brings much value to

the society and the world. 


Ngeow Chung Wei

Ngeow Chong Wei is one of the founders and executive directors of the Melipoly apiculture and honey production group.

Founded in 2013, Melipoly is growing rapidly and currently operates several bee farms and retail outlets across Peninsular Malaysia. 


Chong Wei is meticulous with numbers and fulfils the role of Chief Financial Officer and Financial Controller of the Melipoly group. 

He is also the director of Nilai Mayang group which specialises in construction machinery and equipment.

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