JAYDI C-suites 


JAYDI C-SUITES Mentoring Program is to facilitate mentoring relationships so that experienced mentors can share advice, knowledge and experiences with mentees, resulting in a mutually beneficial professional development relationship. The program enables links to be established between experienced Entrepreneurs,   professionals from within the Jaydi members who are seeking opportunities for career and professional development. This program is not designed to assist mentees with employment opportunities; it is a program to aid the mentee in their professional development. In the event a mentee is employed at their mentor’s organisation, the pair will be reassigned.



➡To create
➡To guide 
➡To mentor
➡To identify individual self-value
➡To connect 
➡To learn mutually
➡To unite



We add(➕) value to reduce(➖)  one's disadvantages through continuous learning to achieve possible(✖) results by overcoming the impossible(➗)   !



We walk the talk and join the red dots      





For successful mentoring, both parties must understand their roles.


The Mentee’s role:

1⃣Interest in learning new things.

2⃣Ability and willingness to work as a team player.

3⃣Carry out tasks by agreed times

4⃣Creativity in work.
5⃣Seek guidance and advice for professional development.

6⃣Try to imbibe new skills and knowledge and apply these in a professional context.

7⃣Maintain confidentiality.



The Mentor’s role:

1⃣Facilitate the mentee’s professional growth.

2⃣Create a positive counseling relationship and climate for open communication.

3⃣Help your mentee identify problems and guide them towards solutions.

4⃣Share own thought process with the mentee.

5⃣Refer back to Jaydi' clinic when you encounter some issues on mentoring.

6⃣Provide information, guidance and constructive comments.

7⃣Evaluate the mentee’s plans and decisions.

8⃣Support, encourage and critically assess performance

9⃣Maintain confidentiality.
🔟Build practical and successful bonding and trust among mentors and/or mentees rather than thro texting and/or line.



Mentor & Mentee together will make:

1⃣Work plan for internship- Milestones and timelines

2⃣Decide on frequency of interaction

3⃣Team activities, interaction and assessment/evaluation



Benefits to the mentor – 

  • Further development of mentoring skills including; providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills 

  • Gaining a sense of personal and professional satisfaction 

  • Contributing back to the profession AND PART OF THE CSR program

  • Staying in touch with emerging issues relevant to the current space


Benefits to the mentee – 

  • Excellent networking opportunities 

  • Developing new skills – i.e. Problem solving 

  • Gaining a role model  Identifying professional growth and development areas 

  • Develops communication skills 

  • Drives the mentee to set goals and work towards them 

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